Summer Learning: Let the Sun Shine!

Summer learning can be fun!  With my tutoring clients, we make learning fun and interesting.  
First, I always have something interesting or unusual going on in my office.  I have a cat who loves to play fetch, an experiment with seedlings, and caterpillars becoming butterflies.  These unusual items often inspire writing or reading interests.  
Second, we make lemonade and sit outside to do our work!  Switching up our scenery is sometimes just the trick to get learning focused and interesting.  Cool lemonade and a nice shady spot on a hot day really help reluctant learners focus.
Third, I always make the last five to ten minutes of the lesson a game or fun time.  That could mean playing a quick game of chess, or just reading a book aloud for fun.  Sometimes, we draw pictures that coincide with our writing project.  
Summer learning can certainly be a fun experience.  Don't let your child experience the "summer slip" by ignoring academics over the summer months.  


Emily C.

The Learning Doctor

300+ hours
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