Too many times students leave their papers until the last minute.  Haven't we all done this at some point in high school and college? Here is the best tip to ease the stress of that last minute essay writing.  Breathe!  Take a long breath and realize that you CAN do it!  Next, write a quick outline of the main topics you wish to cover in your essay.  The outline does not have to be long and involved.  A list of bullet points is the easiest way to organize your thoughts.  Do not forget that the first paragraph is your introduction and the last is your conclusion. Make the last sentence of your first paragraph your thesis statement ( the main topic of your paper).  Have at least three supporting ideas or paragraphs. Conclude with a circle ending where you go back to your first paragraph idea or end with a clincher!  That is something that "clinches" or closes the essay with a bang! Check off each bullet point as you write your paper.  This simple exercise will ease your stress and help you to get that paper done.


Janet G.

Dynamic English Professor ready to help you write!

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