5 Tips to Make Your Tutoring Dollars Go Farther

Before we get to the 5 Tips to Help Make Your Tutoring Dollars Go Farther, let me set them up for a minute. Trust me, they'll make more sense if I do.
I'm a "bad news first" kind of guy. I'd rather receive the bad news first so that I can better appreciate the good news that follows. And I like to give the bad news first to get it out of the way and move on to the more helpful good news. The bad news: You have probably already paid for a class and books, and now you are looking at spending money on tutoring too. Well, here's the good news: Tutoring really is an investment in yourself! And your WyzAnt tutor wants to help you succeed as much as you do.
Tutoring is a partnership. It's two people--you and your tutor--looking at a situation and working together to overcome it.
  • "I need to pass my Calc final."
  • "I have a paper due."
  • "I'm taking the SAT next month and I need help."
Whatever your specific need, together you and your WyzAnt tutor can do it! But--and here come those Tips!--in order to be successful, there are 5 tips to Make Your Tutoring Dollars (your investment in yourself!) Go Farther:
TIP #1 - Answer the Question: What do I want to learn in our time together?
Here is where you need to be specific with yourself and with your tutor. "I want to learn Chemistry" is too vague. "I need help with Chapter 7 in my Chem book for next week's test," is specific. By setting a clear target, you and your tutor have a much better chance of hitting it.
TIP #2 - Set Realistic Expectations
TIP #1 was for yourself. TIP #2 is about your ideas about your tutor. No tutor can teach a student how to write clear and concise research papers in a single session. No one can learn Java completely in an hour. Setting realistic expectations of what your session(s) with your tutor look like (together with your specific goals in TIP #1) will help ensure you are, above all, a satisfied WyzAnt customer.
TIP #3 - Pick a Quiet Place to Meet
Meeting at the Starbucks where everyone hangs out is do-able, but distracting. There are people you might know, music, baristas calling out drink orders, coffee grinders grinding, espresso machines screaming--hardly the ideal environment to get your brain into It's-Time-to-Learn-Something-New mode. Pick a time and place when things will be a little more subdued and conducive to learning.
TIP #4 - Come Prepared
If you have an assignment due for school, bring a copy of the class syllabus so you can talk about the assignment with your tutor. Bring whatever research you've done so far. Bring your laptop (if necessary). Where would Clark Kent be without his famous suit and cape underneath? Come to tutoring with everything you need to be Super.
TIP #5 - Have Fun
Learning is amazing. Learning opens up our world. Learning challenges us and, unlike Vegas, always pays off. So even though you might be stressed to find a job or pass a class, have fun with your tutor and with your subject. Chances are your tutor probably has a pretty funny story he or she can share with you about a time when... Learning is amazing because learning is amazingly fun. Don't lose sight of that, embrace it.
If I can help you in any of the areas I'm certified by WyzAnt for, I'd love to hear from you.
Until then, happy learning!


Great, great post, Anthony!  I wrote a post about paying for tutoring (and acknowledging that yes, it can seem expensive), but I like that your post gives such great advice about what to do AFTER you've set up a session with a tutor.
Thanks, Rose-Anne! Have a great day!


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