New to WyzAnt

So, obviously I'm new on here and want to hit the ground running.   ...Electrical Engineering student at UTC...   I have tutored students, whether it be classmates, college kids, or adults, since about 6th or 7th grade.  My mother and grandmother are both teachers, and our family jokes that we all walk out of the womb carrying a laser pointer and wearing glasses.  
I am super outgoing and willing to go through just about every unorthodox way to teach something so that the student understands it fully.  I have numerous subscriptions to teaching sites that provide me with many different types of tools, worksheets, and methods of teaching.
I truly enjoy this sort of 2nd job of mine and hope that I bring a little more enjoyment into students lives.
No one like doing or learning difficult things.  If you're reading this chances are you're having a hard time too.  Well, it doesn't have to be that way with me.  I like to bring excitement back into learning.  I'm not just another teacher that will put a big red X on a problem and tell you to go on your way.  I turn those mistakes into tools for getting it right next time.
Come learn something new with me.  Heck, even something old.  We all need refreshers!  :)


Sarah R.

Learning doesn't have to be such a drag with me.

20+ hours
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