Summer Will Be Here Soon Enough ... Need Something For Your (Sometimes) Bored Teens to Do? How About a Writing & Reading Day Camp?

As a former camp director (references available), and as a published writer and college English instructor, I can customize a reading and writing group to engage your teen. This will keep them in a safe environment, and they will be learning and practicing their writing and analytical skills.
I will design a custom plan and schedule for your needs.
Why not contact another parent and see if their teens would be interested.
We can select some appropriate books together, and I will design discussion questions and writing exercises for the workshop meetings. We can decide on public meeting places: libraries, coffee shops, etc.
Contact me here through WyzAnt and I will create a special package rate for my services, especially if you introduce additional students that might be interested. There is no obligation to discuss this idea. Please e-mail me if you have questions or to discuss further!  
- Tim 


Timothy, I tutor here in Phoenix and have considered offering the same type of options.  I'd love to know if you've had success with this, if you'd like to share that with a fellow tutor.  Also, you have accidentally omitted the word "to" in your ad header.  "What TO Do With..." .  Good luck with your program!  I hope it's successful for students and satisfying for you as well.  To me, that's when teaching is the BEST!
Thanks, Sheryl - excellent editing, proofreading skills! : )  I've worked as a camp director and as a tutor here and at a writing center, so even though this is a new venture, I have confidence I could make the writing camp engaging with discussion and writing activities. Also, with creative writing, on nice days, there's outdoor writing! Best to you. - TN 


Timothy N.

Writing & Reading Tutor: Essay Writing, Study Skills, Grammar

20+ hours
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