My Favorite Online Resources for students

I love looking up information on a subject I know little about and learning something new. I love teaching what I have learned even more. I rely on reputable websites and apps to make sure the information I convey to my students is accurate. My favorite resources are from other teachers, and tutors. Educators explaining the topic I want to learn is always the easiest to understand, and then regurgitate to my own students. Unfortunately, These resources are not always available, so I have gone into the "dangerous" world of wikipedia, on occasion. Wiki's can be very tricky because they are notorious for people changing any of the information they want. But Wiki's can be useful resources if they are not taken at face value. For example, If I am learning about photochemistry, I may read some information on Wikipedia, then compare it to other information I have found. Most times It checks out just fine, as long as it's not your last stop. Also, good wikis include links to other resources which I have followed with great success for anything from just reading, to major projects. These are my practical approaches to using the internet's vast amount of resources responsibly, to ensure my information I share with my students is factual and easy to understand.


Justin W.

Geneticist with teaching experience in Biology, Chemistry, and Math

200+ hours
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