Northern California: from a San Diego resident perspective

I have been living in the San Diego area of California, since I left military service in 2010.  After serving for 10 years, in the United States Navy, I decided to complete my degree and to also establish myself as an independent business owner.  As a result of this decision, I have had to travel to the northern California areas of Los Angeles and Hollywood, quite often - for business.  However, most of those times were for events that helped to promote new business opportunities, as a freelance photographer, on assignment shooting various events.  
On my most recent trip, I had the pleasure of being a part of one of the most memorable experiences that I have had to date, as a professional.  I was asked to meet a couple (who had been dating and living together for a long time), in Manhattan Beach, Ca., as they took one of their typical strolls along the beach - which was a block away from their home.  For this particular occasion, going up north, the boyfriend intended to propose to his long time girlfriend.  Yet, it was his desire for her not to know: (1) about the fact that he was proposing, nor (2) that I was there to secretly capture images of that important moment in their lives.  
The purpose for the secrecy was so that he could have the digital image sent to the hotel that he prearranged for them to stay at, on this particular weekend, in San Francisco.  As requested, I hid behind a another couple that were lounging on the beach (who I quickly explained why I needed them to shield me), and we all watched and waited as the proposal took place, on that beautiful spring day - in March of 2014.
After witnessing this beautiful moment, I had to slip away undetected (which I easily managed yo do), and went to the local Starbucks to immediately work on editing the best images from the early evening proposal.  After communicating with the newly engaged fiance of the unsuspecting bride to be, I managed to complete the photoshopped touch-ups on the images, and sent them to his email address.  He absolutely loved the way they turned out, and then forwarded them on to the hotel.  He had them produced 8 x 11 prints, that were framed and placed on their bed in the hotel room.
The next day he texted me, and told me that this was an unforgettable moment, that he and she will always treasure - from the the new life that they've begun together.  



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