Cancellation Policy, Late Policy & Travel Radius

Cancellation Policy
I allow students to cancel lessons up to 8 hours in advance, with no additional charge. Cancellations between 2-8 hours in advance will be a small $5 fee. Cancellations between 15 minutes and 2 hours before the lesson will be a $10 fee. Cancellations any later than 15 minutes than the scheduled start time of the lesson will result in a full lesson charge.
Late Policy
The lesson will be charged from the agreed start time of the lesson, even if the student is late. If the tutor is late, the lesson will not be charged until tutoring begins. (However, it is very very unusual that I am ever late!)
Travel Radius
To keep my tutoring prices down, I have chosen to tutor within a four mile travel radius, which covers a good portion of the Valencia. Some areas of Newhall and Saugus are also possible. Canyon Country is out of my radius, however many students choose to meet in a location within my radius. If you would still like me to travel, any distance greater than 4-5 miles from College of the Canyons can be charged a travel fee, which is between $5-10/lesson).


Elizabeth A.

Patient and Friendly Tutor with a Master's in Nutritional Sciences

50+ hours
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