Learning Spanish can be a blast!

I am a Spanish Native speaking person, I've being teaching since 1986, first English as a second Language and now Spanish as a second language.
Learning Spanish is fun. Spanish is a very versatile language, it is known to be a Roman Language, means it has it's roots from Latin. Did you know that English and Spanish have the same roots? And even though their grammar structure and the pronunciation of the words are different, they have many, many similarities. Languages evolved just like humans do and in every country you will find so many differences that it doesn't matter if you speak Spanish in Spain, you are going to see that Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela are so different that you might want them to speak to you slowly.
A language has not only the grammar structure, spelling, pronunciation, but it has so many modals and expressions that are so different from one an other. That is what makes Spanish so versatile. 
It is not like English that British English and American English have more similarities than Spanish speaking people .
So when you are looking for a Spanish tutor, make sure you are choosing the right one. My experience with students is that they learned Spanish from Spain and I was born in Mexico, so there are many differences, but I can tell you, I have the experience and what I love is to teach my students about the history and why you say borrador, and I say goma. O you say plumon and I say marcador.
When I'm teaching or tutoring Spanish, I make sure you know these things, so when you read something or watch a video you are going to know why you heard it different.
Also my methodology includes Immersion, and reinforcing with conversation, writing, music, and reading. We all learn differently and for some Immersion is not enough so I help you remember and make an analogy or similarity  between both concepts so you will remember what you are learning.
Learning Spanish is a blast! And looking forward to meeting you!


Monica G.

Monica - Spanish/Art/Graphic Artist Tutor

20+ hours
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