Tutoring Online? Anyone tried it?

   Recently, I had the opportunity to tutor a student through Skype.  I was such a great experience, I wanted to try to promote more online tutoring sessions with students.  I have been looking around and researching different online tutoring platforms that would allow more interaction between myself and my students.  I don't feel like I am finding exactly what I need. 
    This is really a two part Blog
     A) Does anyone have any experience with tutoring online and could suggest any online platforms that are really conducive to student learning?
    B) I find that there is a lot of resistance to online tutoring, do you have any suggestions for getting students more on board with online tutoring?


Tracy, have you contacted WyzAnt admins? I know they are testing a beta platform in-house for online tutoring. I have used it, and I like it. However, I have to say that it is like pulling teeth to find interested students. About five years ago I attempted to gather local interest in online tutoring among students, but they just didn't seem interested at all. When asked, about half of them thought it was "creepy." Right now I think it is more of an image issue with the type of communicating that happens online in general. There may be a component of the tutoring being perceived as not being as good as traditional tutoring. I did try to tutor a person in Vietnam, and I offered the first lesson for free, to see if it was a good fit. It wasn't. The connection was not very good, and it was difficult to interact effectively. If it turns out that anyone out there is doing well with online tutoring, I, for one, would be happy to find out just how they are doing it.
I only tutored one student through Skype.  Basically what I did was use my own white board, and take pictures and email them to the student as we were talking so he could see it on his computer.  It's really not a bad way to go, and frankly it would be way more time efficient for me than driving 30 minutes to a tutoring session.
Recently, online tutoring is gaining trend. If you are looking for attracting more students to your online classes then, I would suggest you to find an <a href="">tutoring services</a> that have good reputation in the market. Try to find at-least 2-3 such agencies and join any of them which you feel is good for you. The main benefit of doing this thing is that, those tutoring services already have clients all over the world. So most of your hassle in finding students will be saved. The second benefit is they would be having proper infrastructure needed for this kind of classes.
Both sides do need to have a decent internet connection for it to work, but Skype can work well if you are able to make use of the Share Screen feature.
Sending screenshots is an option, if the connection isn't great; but it doesn't seem like it would be in any way optimum.
I don,t have any experience but i have little bit knowledge about it and you can get student from some of your previous students whom you were teaching as they can easily provide you some references.


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