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The ability to read well is the most basic of academic pursuits. A person’s reading ability will determine both the progress of their academic endeavors and the level of education which he or she is able to attain. Accordingly, the ability to read well will also largely determine one’s level of employment and the position they attain in life. Today’s technological market place demands a high level of reading ability.

The ability to read well means reading with understanding or comprehension. Reading with comprehension is a multi-dimensional task that requires considerably more than the ability to pronounce words. While it is true that the most fundamental aspect of reading requires that one can pronounce word properly, reading with comprehension requires an understanding of grammar and sentence construction, a knowledge and understanding of the function of the various forms of punctuation, and an appropriate vocabulary as well as the ability to pronounce words.

Given the importance of being able to read well making assumptions should never be made about a student’s abilities. Consequently, regardless of the grade level of the student, the method outlined below is a recommended approach to lesson planning when tutoring reading and one this tutor follows religiously:

• Assess reading comprehension.
     • Assess using current grade level standards.
     • Determine functional grade level.
• Assess understanding of phonograms.
     • Use grade level standards.
     • Explain, learn and practice as needed.
• Assess vocabulary and reading comprehension.
     • Use current grade level reading and vocabulary standards.
     • If deficient, determine grade level of proficiency.
• Assess understanding of sentence construction at current grade level.
     • Determine ability to identify main parts of a sentence.
     • Determine ability to identify and differentiate clauses and phrases.
     • Determine ability to identify and understand punctuation.


Surely reading is as important as any other activity like, writing and learning any foreign language. But reading has always remained underrated from the beginning. One should give same importance to reading as they give to writing. If students are facing problem they should hire writing tutor as they will not only help them in building the necessary skills but also they will develop vocabulary which will help them in future. For more information on writing tutor visit here
Good thoughts, Austin. You are right. Reading and writing are inseparable. One cannot write well who cannot read well.


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