On-line Japanese Lessons

Since the last month, I have started on-line lessons.  On-line lessons are surprisingly effective and fun.  I am getting good reviews from my students.  Because I am an experience language teacher and I have a variety of teaching materials, my on-line lessons are as effective as in-person tutoring sessions.  Especially in a language learning, conversation via skype is effective.  On-line lessons are very personal and both students and teachers are able to concentrate on each other as well as the subject without interruption.  In addition, on-line lessons are portable.  As long as there are no other people around, students can have a session in a room, outside, or even at a quiet corner of a favorite cafe.  
If you are new to the language learning and hesitating to start meeting a new tutor, please try my on-line lessons.  I have 8 basic conversation sessions specially made for people who are totally new to the language and on-line sessions.  You will be introducing yourself in Japanese before you realize it.  I would like to meet with many people on the other side of the country through my on-line Japanese lessons.


Izumi C.

Knowledgeable and experienced native Japanese Teacher

200+ hours
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