What to Watch out for on Standardized Tests

Hey folks,  I am sure many of you have plans of going to college or finishing up that last hectic year of school.  Well with these endeavors comes not only tests and quizzes created by books and your professors/teachers, but you also have to take nation and statewide test in order to pass and/or qualify for a position in a higher learning institute.  Such tests include the SAT, ACT, MCAT, etc.  What you want to remember about taking these tests is that these tests are testing you ability to locate small mistakes and easy to miss information.  They also want you to understand this material.  You have to be prepared for these easy to miss situations.  For example, I am sure you all have done a math question, felt like you did it perfectly correct only to find out that you actually got it incorrect.  Furthermore, the answer you got appeared as one of the answer choices!  Or you were on the right track to answering correctly, but made a simple math error (arithmetic or sign) and got it wrong and the correct answer turned out to be something else.  Those type of questions are the ultimate test of understanding and they trick you into thinking you have the right answer when in actuality you don't.  They place those wrong answers in as one of the answer choices because they have done the problem and they have found most ways of executing the problem that actually makes sense and stuck those answers in the answer choices, leaving you guessing wildly if you do not understand the problem.  So we must be careful what we do, always take your time, and go back and check work and answers if time allows.  This is a very important concept to be aware of when taking standardized tests.  Remember, one test does not define who you are!  Good luck!


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