Grammar Police on AutoCorrect

Always remember that if you're submitting something to your teacher/professor/employer, make sure that you check and re-check what you wrote on your essay, paper, and/or cover letters.  AutoCorrect always has a tendency to embarrass us a little.  It may THINK that it knows what we originally intended to say, but sometimes manages to screw it up.  It may be amusing when the incorrect message was sent to a friend or to Ellen because you can laugh about it, or Ellen can share it to her audience during the "thumbsy clumsy" segment of her show; however, it may not be as amusing when the mistake is in your essay/paper that you are being graded on.
So, remember after doing your spell check, have another read through of your work and have another set of eyes to read it as well to avoid mistakes and the embarrassment of having one of your words autocorrected.


Charmela G.

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