Tech Tech and More Tech!

With the technological push drowning us with zillions of interactive make-life-easy options, people are loading up on technology like sugar during WWII! Kids have Wii's, iPads, smartphones, 4G connections, Kindles, and more. And that's at home! Many schools have joined Mission Technology in an effort to help children remain engaged in the classroom amidst our changing world. People think if they have the latest technology, they're the 'best on the block'! People believe that technology helps make reading and math easier for kids and communication easier for adults (which means gossip). People believe that if their HDTV streams Netflix movies while they check their online dating account using their ipad, and upload pictures using their smartphone, they've hit the mother load! While others allow their little ones to paint, sans the paint and the teens get to facebook and tweet and instagram on their smartphones until they fall asleep!

Here's the truth. Unbalanced technology is creating lazy, anti-social, passive, semi-creative end users. And guess what. The high profile tech builders (the ones making billions in sales) send their kids to tech-free schools! It's the truth. Too much technology can be unhealthy on so many levels. Believe it. There's no evidence to suggest that technology helps kids learn better. Trust Me! So put down the tech for a few hours, walk a few blocks, play real tennis, go bowling, paint, turn the pages of a book, cook with your kids, swing your feet in the water or make a real snow angel. Enjoy and push for real life, before we hit the future and real life is something our grandchildren read about in an ebook!


Diahann D.


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