Parents Backpack Guide to Common Core

So the school year started and so did the changes in our educational system. It used to be simple back in the days - kids went to school, teachers gave homework and parents helped to the best of their knowledge. And now, all of a sudden all these fancy words like Common Core, Data Driven instruction, placement tests, standardized assessments come into play. How does one make sense out of them? Textbooks now look so complicated that many parents can't even figure out what should their child carry to school or bring from school for that matter. Well, luckily Engage NY is a great resource that tries to make a little sense out of this educational cluster. I have accidentally come across a little brochure called "Parents Backpack Guide to Common Core". This publication is priceless! It helps with understanding the basics of the Common Core ELA and Mathematics standards and gives suggestions on how to best help your child as a parent.
So, I felt I have to share it and thus, here it is: Parents Backpack Guide to Common Core
*This and many more resources for parents are available on ;


The brochure called "Parents Backpack Guide to Common Core" provides a basic definition of what the Common Core State Standards are. It's easy to read but very generalized. Thank you for the resource.


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