Under the Table, Losing Business

Hello Fellow Tutors,
I have lost two tutoring clients due to my honesty. I'm not asking for a medal or anything, but I'm wondering how best to handle this situation AND keep the business.
The first time was subtle. We met through Wyzant of course and it had never even occurred to me to discount my rate and NOT use Wyzant. Partly because of tax season and partly, because, well, we had met through Wyzant! I was surprised by this suggestion and just said softly, "I would prefer to go through Wyzant." I never heard from this client again.
The second time was more obvious after I billed one session through Wyzant. He sent me a message through Wyzant that simply said, "Call me I want to talk to you." Okay, no problem. I did and was asked if we could, "work something out." Immediately, I am suspicious. After my clarification, I realized I would definitely be making about $4 more per session than I would through Wyzant and I accepted. Later, I started to feel guilty. I called back and cancelled before we could have a second session.
Is there any way to convince these people that it IS worth it to go through Wyzant? They often have their own studying materials and I honestly rarely use the other materials on the site other than the usual human resources and payroll functions. Please please comment with some advice.
I did call Wyzant to get their advice and they told me to remind the client about how Wyzant takes care of the human resources side of things for me. That doesn't mean the client gets anything from Wyzant (besides me as a contract tutor). Any thoughts?
Thank you for your support.
Broke and Honest,


Hi Brittany,
Usually I tell  students that wyzant's policies does not allow me to enter into a personal contract with them.  You may lose a client or two but it is worth it.
Dr. Harriette
Hello Brittany,
Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your thoughts and questions. 
The way I personally handle these situations is to have an initial tutoring session with the student to assess his/her level of proficiency on the subject.
Based on those results, we discuss the needs for additional sessions, materials to be used, scheduling, etc. The initial tutoring session is crucial and lays the foundation for subsequent lessons.
Now, with that being stated, if there is an agreement between me and the student to continue with the tutoring, I usually offer him/her a more affordable future rate  - always through Wyzant, of course. I explain to the student that Wyzant is a safe, user-friendly platform for both students and tutors, and I have not yet faced any resistance from any student/parent. It all depends on your attitude, how you present yourself and conduct the initial session. If all else fails, then there is simply one thing to say: a very polite, but firm NO.
Leticia in Salado, Texas  :) 
Thank you for your answers. I appreciate the support. 


Brittany B.

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