Feel hard to learn Chinese Pinyin?

Feel hard to pronounce Chinese pinyin? Well, there is a lot to talk about Chinese Pinyin. Today, I am just gonna share with you my teaching method of eight of the initial consonants.
My way to teach my students is to help them to find the connection between Chinese Pinyin and their native language. 
Below are the closest English words I can find for each consonant. The initial part of each English word is very similar to the related Chinese consonant. Enjoy my matching game:)
If you want to listen to the pronunciations, go to my videos on WyzAnt. It will be more easy for you to learn these consonants.
b = blue
p = poor
m = molly
f = foreigner
d = dirk
t = Toronto
n = nerd
l = love


Lillian Z.

Unique teaching method, especially in speaking!

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