Help Make Your Tutor a Super-Tutor

A Tutoring Session Preparation Checklist

Classroom instruction and the time you spend with your professor or teaching assistant is the best source of information and learning. However, sometimes you need a little extra one-on-one time with an experienced writing tutor who will focus attention on your particular goals, strengths, and concerns. And if you’re on a college or graduate budget, you want to get the most out of every minute you spend with your private tutor. The great news is that you can help make your tutor more effective and get more out of every minute you have with him or her by preparing before your session and engaging your tutor during the session. I always ask my students to come to a tutoring session as prepared as possible. This helps them gather their thoughts and helps me quickly start helping them as soon as we start.
Here’s a handy checklist of things to consider and have ready to help your tutor be a “super” tutor:
  • Bring the Course Syllabus

  • Have Assignment Information Available (description, points, rubric)

  • Summarize Your Course Purpose, Goals, Themes

  • Think of the Type of Help You Want from Your Tutor

  • Email Drafts to Your Tutor Before the Session

  • Pick a Quiet, Convenient, Study-place on Campus with Wireless Internet

  • Ask Questions and Engage Your Tutor During the Session

Keeping the above items in mind will help you and your tutor maximize the time you have together. In the end, this means you’ll learn more and gain more knowledge and assistance out of every minute you have with your tutor.


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