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Do you have a number of students who enjoy learning games, or online quizzes, or instant feedback?  I enjoy using a few sites that prove both entertaining and reinforcing for several of my students.  Though some require an annual fee, I find these sites advantageous, time-saving and totally worth the small expense.
My first choice is .  I have a number of "pages" on this site.  These are web pages that I have generated (with their tools).  Each has many links to sources that I have found helpful in teaching the particular course and level of attainment suitable to an individual student.
Next, I use the site to produce vocabulary and spelling lists.  This can be personalized, individualized and private or shared with the general public.  The annual fee is very small, and students can access their "class" at no cost to them.
Many of my students enjoy using .  This has a multiple-choice quiz in a variety of subjects and at increasingly difficult levels.  Both the subject and the level can be easily accessed through a menu at the top of the screen.  This is a unique tool.  For each correct answer an actual gift is given to regions of the world where people are in need of food.  The students are doubly rewarded: they advance in their skills, and they help someone who is truly in need of assistance.
I hope this is helpful to some of you who are beginning your tutoring adventure.


Alice L.

Coach/Teacher; ESL, TOEFL Test Prep

800+ hours
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