Tutoring and this week's Southern California weather (2/24/14 Forecast)

To start my first blog post I wanted to say a little something about how much I love tutoring and the weather forecast for Southern California since my main passion is meteorology. Tutoring is something I started in the latter half of college once I started to take upper level math courses. I loved tutoring and wished I had a team of tutors to help me when I was struggling in some of my courses at the time. Sometimes teachers can only do so much or you cannot feel like you can approach them or ask them for questions. Tutors on the other hand are always eager to help students in their studies. It's more than just helping the student, you are creating a brighter future with every student you tutor. Additionally, each time you tutor you feel even better and learn each time you do it. It's both a learning and rewarding experience.
Also, for those that live in Southern California (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and even Big Bear) here's the forecast for you us!
Other than some low clouds/fog, Southern California will experience fair weather through Wednesday. However, come Wednesday night a series of low pressure systems will be bringing wet weather to the region through the weekend. The first system (around Wednesday afternoon through early Thursday) will bring in about 1/2 an inch of rain as well as some snow for mountains above 6500 feet. The second and more significant system (very late Thursday through Saturday) is going to be considered the biggest rain storm of the year (maybe even in the last few years) will usher in rain totals over an inch to many areas with some possibly getting even 4 inches for the foothills and mountains. I'll update again on these systems in a few days to see if there is any change, but the models have been consistent in that we will be getting some much needed rain! Yay! For now, highs in lower 70's/upper 60's, lows in the lower 50's/upper 40's, light winds for the most part, and partly cloudy skies.


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