Tutoring 2014

Hello!  I am writing to let you know that in 2014, as an ART TUTOR I will be offering lessons that you don't need to haul any art equipment to.   If you want to schedule more then one lessons, and invite some friends, the lessons would have, food and music in a quiet not distracting setting and I would come to your residence.   Great for Summer parties with kids!  Adults can take in the fun too, for everyone needs some fun time, and down time, from everyday schedules.  I have an open backyard for painting if you prefer lessons at our home.  (Weather permitting.) 
I am excited this year to try something new and FUN!  There is Art companies out there who can do the same thing, but you don't know the instructor.  Get to know me.  I am a mother of 5, and enjoy art.  I help out doing art in my daughters school once a month.  I have experience, and schooling, and a degree.   If you want an experienced artist, I am the tutor for you.   I'm on time, flexible, and accommodating to what you want to learn about.   Also, I can create lesson plans, in extended lessons, you know what to expect every time you come for a lesson.  
Happy 2014!  Hope to see you this year.


Jackie W.

Creative Art Instruction : Drawing and Painting

10+ hours
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