Confidence as Strategy

Many of the students I tutor have the skills it takes to succeed, but their confidence or motivation is low. I find that the best way to see results, for the benefit of myself, the students, and the parents, is to provide that student with the tools to understand what it feels like to succeed, and therefore to be confident. Although parents usually have the best intentions, the children may just need to hear the same advice from a peer, or a tutor. Having a new face recommending the same concepts will reinforce the idea, and the student will not resist the idea. Through hiring a tutor, the stress of overseeing a child's behavior, homework completion, peer relations, and school succeed should be alleviated. Although all skill improvement takes time, there will be guaranteed results if the tutor and student see eye-to-eye, and if the student really is motivated -- no matter how far below the surface -- then grades will improve quite quickly!


Kelsey P.

Specialized Tutor in Liberal Arts, Writing & Study Skills

100+ hours
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