Getting Scholarships for College

Last year I started back at college to complete the degree I always wished I had completed 25 years ago--a degree in Electrical Engineering. And, as a student I faced all the same obstacles high school graduates face--how to pay for it?
That's when I went ballistic on every website with any information on scholarships for people in my category: non-traditional; STEM; science and math related; as well as general scholarships.
45 days later and over $200,000 in scholarships applied for later, I am looking at hauling in about 10-15% of them, hopefully, around $30,000 so far. In the next 90 days, i plan to apply for over $300,000 more. 
My example should serve as an example, there is so much money out there, just think of it as a second job and apply for ALL scholarships that apply to your student. 
I was ineligible for about half of the scholarships I looked at, because of my prior degree or being a non-trad student. So, just imagine the nearly $1 Million Dollars you could apply for to support your high school graduate. The money is out there. All you have to do is apply for it! 


Teodor M.

A++ Perfect Grade Math Science ACT ASVAB GRE GMAT FRE/SPA

3000+ hours
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