No Excuses!

This post is all about #mentoring. There is no excuse for any student to ever say, "I can't!" As a mentor, I lead my kids by example. I am back in college for the degree I always wanted to get but didn't. Someday, I will be an engineer! That just gets me excited to be alive and be a teacher. But, I'm 41. I old right? 25 years out of school? I can't do it.
Well, I hear enough of that from students. So, I prove to them: anything can be done if you put your mind to it! Now, in my 3rd semester of a 6 semester plan, I have a 4.0 GPA, I'm enrolled in 24 credit hours at 2 different colleges and I tutor 40-hours a week!
If I can go overtime, carry a job, help 20+ students a week with their homework and tests, and keep a 4.0. Anyone can, especially someone half my age, right? Yes, you can!
So, next time you thing it can't be done, just go out that door, put your nose in the books and do it. If Ted can do it you can too!
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