Are You Bold Enough to Hear the Truth? Everyone Can Get 2000+ on SAT


   You probably heard people telling you that "Oh, you can't really improve you SAT score!" That is true from one perspective. According to College Board, the national average improvement on SAT is only 40 points! That is really disappointing considering the fact that the total score is 2400. However, even though this is totally true, does that necessarily suggests that you cannot improve your SAT score? If you are bold enough for the truth, the answer is: no. Because honestly, most students who took the SAT for the second or third time, did not spent enough time and effort studying for the exam. If they did not study, how would you expect them to improve? You cannot just simply take the exam and expect the score to raise by itself.   
  Although SAT is more of an "ability" test, that you cannot really study, you can still study it and improve your ability and hence, improve your score! Why do I say that? Because I have done it. Not only have I done it myself, my students also experimented!
  1. I have done it. When I was a junior in high school, I scored 2390 on SAT for the first time. The first time I took the practice exam, I only scored 1670. So I studied and "earned my way up". When I took the SAT second time, I improved my Verbal/Critical Reading score from 790 to 800, hence recieved a combined super score of 2400! Yeah, that is a perfect score. Now I am at my dream college: Columbia University.   
  2. My students also did it. I have been a SAT tutor for almost 3 years, and all my students received 2000 or above on the SAT. Of course, I also have few 2400s. Do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting that SAT is easy, it is not. But all my students were willing to spend time and effort preparing for the exam. What I want to say is that, it is totally possible to get a high score on SAT, if you are willing to work for it. And I, can help you but making the process easier and utilizing your time and efforts more efficiently.  
  3. I am professional. I don't just say "I am an expert SAT tutor", I am one. There are many SAT tutors on the market, but many few professional ones. Unlike most tutors, I do not just use a test prep book and teach student out of that. I write my own problems. Why? Because I still takes the SAT tests at least 3 times a year (usually in October, March, May/June), and I know what is on the real test. I do not see the point of spending endless times doing problems that are totally different from the actual test, because based on experience, it will not help students score high on the actual test. It is at least not the most efficient method. 
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