Tutoring versus Teaching

Some people may think that tutoring and teaching are more or less the same, but the truth is that there are several key differences between the two. 
Teachers develop lesson plans that they must teach at a certain pace while accommodating various learning styles. Many times I've heard students say, “my teacher goes too fast” or “I don’t understand the way my teacher explains it”. The truth is, unless the entire class is very confused, there is probably nothing wrong with what the teacher is doing. 
The teacher attempts to get the majority of students to understand, but sometimes there are a few that don't. And that’s where tutors come in. Tutors can adjust their style and methods to fit the learning style and pace of a particular student. It is not the tutor's job to teach a student new material, but rather to explain those concepts a student might not have understood when it was thought to them. 
Overall, I think teaching and tutoring complement each other, but they are not the same, and one does not take the place of the other. 


Interesting yet not quiet correct if you are hired as a tutor to re-teach or enhance skills.  I agree that it is easier for tutors to adjust style needed for student yet it can be our job to teach new material. I am often hired to keep GT kiddos (Gifted) moving forward to ward of boredom.  At same time I am hired to help kiddos relearn or initially learn material they missed...and I lesson plan A LOT for those sessions...including providing the materials.  You described above the traditional tutor methodology of using class presented materials (which I do A LOT for math) to help students at current level who need additional assistance.  That tutor does compliment the instruction students received at school.  Some tutoring is learning HOW to learn, instructing new material as well as re-explaining concepts.
I see your point. I guess my experience has always been traditional tutoring I have not had the experience of working with special needs students and I can see how that might be a different situation. Thanks for your comment.
Teachers are accountable to test scores and grades. Tutors are accountable to success. Two completely different realms of thought.


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