What Mentoring Means to Me

     Being a mentor means practicing patience and having an immense amount of responsibility. A mentor is someone that others can look up to and set an example from. Growing up, I often found mentors in my teachers. My favorite was a high school English teacher who taught me about creativity and was supportive of diversity and the unique qualities in each of his students. I will never forget how he empowered his students to write from their hearts and to challenge themselves. My other mentor was my high school algebra 2 teacher. Before I took her class, I struggled with math. Her patience and kindness helped me to love math for the first time in my life. I managed to get an A in her class and by the time I entered college, I qualified for calculus. Her faith in me in spite of my fear of (what I thought was) a difficult subject helped me to grow as an individual and gain self-confidence. She showed me that I was in fact capable of overcoming challenges no matter how much they intimidated me.
     As I am coming to the end of my undergraduate career, I have often looked back on my mentors and tried to emulate them. This is why I have pursued being a tutor. I love being in a position to help others understand and learn new things. I have been given a wonderful opportunity as a tutor to be a mentor to those who may be struggling with different subjects. With this opportunity, I have been able to empower my students to overcome their challenges and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Perhaps the opportunity I have been most grateful to have been given was the chance to work with a student who has ADHD. They are absolutely brilliant, but struggled with focusing their attention. Seeing their growth during the time that I have tutored them and worked to teach them better study skills has been incredibly rewarding. Helping students has only reaffirmed for me that tutoring is my passion and that teaching and helping others is something I need to pursue. I can only hope that others will may discover their passion and have the self-confidence to pursue it as well, because there is nothing like the amazing feeling you get from knowing what you are meant to do in life.


Samantha L.

Patient and Passionate Tutor (B.A. in English)

20+ hours
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