The Plus in Understanding Your Student's Personality

The 10 year boy seemed to be struggling in school. He was a social student and enjoyed being with his friends. He was struggling in school. His parents were struggling with solutions to helping their son improve his academics and behavior in class.
The boy and his family were out to dinner with a friend. He was a psychologist and had some deep insight into the characteristics of the different personality types that people demonstrate. He asked the boy a couple questions: “Are you more outgoing or reserved? Are you more task or people oriented?”

The boy's response showed him to be the inspiring type; someone who is excited, creative, and loves to be with people. Everything for an inspired person is exciting, fun, and a good time. The doctor then asked if he were to ask his teacher the same questions, would she respond the same or differently. The boy thought about it, and his response of what his teacher might answer happened to be the opposite of his. The doctor explained that the boy's teacher may be more of someone who is supportive, task oriented, and likes to have order in her classroom. He explained that there is nothing wrong with the differences between the boy and his teacher. However, the doctor summarized that if the boy was to experience more success in school, then he will have to try to meet the expectation of the teacher's rules in the classroom. (Raising his hand, not speaking while the teacher is talking, and things like that.) The boy thought about it for a moment, and said he understood what his parents' friend had said.

Weeks went by and before long, the doctor received a phone call from his friends. They began to tell him about an e-mail they had just received from the boy's teacher. The teacher stated that her student has made exceptional improvements in his behavior and his work. He was respectful in class, raised his hand, and completed all his work on time. The teacher couldn't believe the improvements the boy had made and she wanted to let the parents know just how amazed and happy she was with his success.

The boy's parents told their son about the teacher's remarks and how proud she was of him. His mother asked her son what made the difference for him to change? He reminded his mother of what their friend, the doctor, told him at dinner. So, he told his mother that when he gets to school, he just leaves his 'Ha Ha' at the door. When recess comes, he picks it up again and he and his 'Ha Ha' have a great time. When he returns to class, he checks it back at the door again! It is amazing how a little bit of helpful insight can make all the difference in a student's success.

This story is a summary of a CD by Dr. Robert Rohm. For more information on how to get a copy of the CD and a thorough humorous description of each personality type, please contact me by e-mail through WyzAnt.


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