New to the Community

I just thought I'd post a bit about myself and my family to give you a bit more information.  My husband and I met in graduate school in Oklahoma and were married in 2009.  After a year in remote Western Nebraska, we moved to Missouri to be closer to family.  Having settled in Rolla, we became licensed foster parents and started our own family which up to that point just included a stray dog, Casey, that we had adopted.  In May 2012, we welcomed our twins, Henry & Rachel to the world.  Things were a bit crazy for awhile since they arrived 3 months early but today they are happy & healthy 19-month old toddlers and enjoy exploring the world around them.  

We moved to Jefferson City in the fall of 2013 to be closer to my husbands work (the Missouri National Guard).  So far we have enjoyed our time in Jefferson City.  I can't wait until the weather will cooperate so we can take more walks at Runge Nature Center!  
I hope you are staying warm this winter!  


Kari L.

Ecologist, Writer and Educator specialized in Math or Science Tutoring

10+ hours
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