Why I Love to Tutor!!! My First Blog Post!

I started this blog so, that my students and potential students on Wyzant could see my personal photography work on display. I have been tutoring for the last two years and I love it!! But, I have been working as a fine art photographer and writer for over 25 years.
I found out today that I cannot show you my photographs on this blog site... I can't upload my images to this blog. But, you can go to my personal profile and you will find a selection of my images that unfortunately,  have been cropped. Oh, well, I tried, but the agency has a finicky cropping tool and it won't let me show you my full frame images. So, I hope to make a video in the near future  where I can show you actual photographs that I have taken and reworked in Photoshop and Lightroom.. so, stay tuned!!

For the last ten years, I have done many class presentations and lectures in NYC colleges and universities such as SVA, Parsons, ICP, and NYU. I have also presented and spoken about my work at Yale University and SALT in Maine, as well as, at many festivals in Italy and France. And although, I have conducted several portfolio classes and workshop here and abroad, I never realized how much I could learn and gain from the experience of working one on one with all of my tutoring students over the last two years.

As a fine art photographer and creative non fiction writer, I am truly grateful that I have found work as a tutor because it is really rewarding and actually, very fun! During the last two years, I have tutored students in photography, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, academic writing, memoir writing and photo history. As a tutor, I love to see my students fall in love with photography and writing as much as I have and to build on their innate creativity and skills. When I first communicate with a student, I want to know what they want to learn and what are their specific goals. I feel it is invaluable to learn about my students' needs and to listen to my students so, that I can tailor each lesson for them.

In terms of my personal work, I have two photo books published which are for sale online and in many book stores around the world. Presently, I am working towards finding a third publisher for my long term project on a community out in the Rockaways. I am mainly a portrait photographer, but have recently fallen in love with landscape, environmental and still life photography. And I can thank one of my students for that because her main focus is photographing interiors and landscapes.

I am always thankful for what my students and student interns (many of my students are working on their bachelor's in photography in the NYC area) have taught me over the years. A good working relationship with any tutor is about good direct communication, constructive criticism and creating goals that are reasonable for both the student and the tutor. And organization helps too!!

I look forward to connecting with you through Wyzant.  If you would like to contact me, please, connect with me through my Wyzant email and I will be happy to communicate with you. I hope to continue this blog for those students who are interested in keeping up with the many exciting experiences I hope to have in the future working as a tutor.
I think a Vlog is in order!!
So, please, go over to my profile and check out some of my personal work. I photograph in both analog (the old fashioned way with negatives) and with digital. All my negative work has been scanned digitally and I rework them in Photoshop. All my digital work has been retouched in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Warm wishes and look forward to hearing from you! Excuse any shameful typos.. I wanted to get this post up quickly.



Juliana B.

Published Photographer and Author /Photoshop and Lightroom Specialist

100+ hours
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