Title 1 - Mathematics

Title 1 provides academic assistance to selected students who are failing or are at risk of failing to meet the State’s challenging content and student performance standards in reading and mathematics.
The challenge lies in pinpointing where each student is struggling and providing support to each student individually.  You cannot simply help in general terms, you must be specific and goal oriented.
I have found that most importantly, the classroom environment has to allow for every student to be comfortable in trying out new things, making mistakes, learning from them and from other students.
In my Title 1 classes, although I am the teacher, I encourage the students to explain their thought process when solving problems.  Other students will agree or understand a different approach, which is more efficient than just hearing my methods.  The board has now become their scratch paper and they use it constantly to work out problems together, which is better than me walking them through it.
As much as I disagree with the NCLB Act, Title 1 is at least useful in giving support to the kids that start to fall behind.


I have applied for government programs, and I have found that most are unreasonable, allowing the student to get help with current math but not with remedial needs.  The government's view of mathematics is that it's like english, where understanding of material does not necessarily depend on understanding of previous material.   In my experience, the government will not pay for remedial instruction which is prior to the current supposed level of the student.
I refuse to work in government programs specifically because they do not allow the tutor to evaluate and address the real problems of the student.  
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