How to Save Millions (or Just Thousands) with College Consulting!

A key aspect I work on with each college applicant is applying for scholarships. Untold millions are set aside very year to give to students of all types to pay for college. Contrary to popular belief, money is out there for students of all kinds, regardless of ethnicity, family income, or academic achievement. The money is scattered about and I streamline the process, consolidate your scholarship search, and help you edit and craft compelling essays and personal statements.

My work branding, goal setting, and essay writing for college admissions applies directly to scholarship applications.

Corporations, non-profits, and institutions want to give away money to ambitious and prepared students, but your job as a student is to SELL them on you. Identify your brand and convince them that their money won’t be wasted on you. I aim to help every client pay for their investment with me many times over. 
It’s almost guaranteed that your investment with me will pay off many times over through scholarship money and grants. Unlike many things in life, investment in preparation for scholarships and college admissions does pay itself off, and then some. For most all my students, I save you lots of money in the long run.

Some examples to consider: Kevin was on the verge of not going to college. His parents booked him a basic package with me. Through my work with him, I got him into a local state school and got him five thousand dollars in scholarships and grants. Beyond the initial five thousand Kevin and his parents saved, Kevin greatly increased his lifetime earning potential by going to college in the first place.
According to a 2010 survey, those with a college diploma earn about one million dollars more over their lifetimes than those with just a high school diploma. In a way, his work with me partially contributed to him earning a million more dollars over his lifetime.

Another example is Tracy. Tracy had a fairly high GPA and was very involved in extra curricular activities including Model UN, Student Government, and regularly volunteering at food banks. It was pretty much guaranteed that Tracy would get into college. Still, she wanted more. Her parents booked her a comprehensive package with me, and I worked tirelessly with her to distill who she was into manageable terms through the creation of her personal brand. We created exciting, ambitious, and masterful essays which helped her pitch herself to colleges. With her balanced, impressive, and vision driven applications, Tracy was accepted to a prestigious private university with a 75% scholarship. That alone saved her parents more than one hundred thousand dollars.

Furthermore, the pre-law program she was accepted into, where she received extensive private instruction and attention, set her up to gain admission to a top law school. With a law degree, she will earn, on average, over a million more dollars in her life than if she just had a bachelor’s degree, and over two million more than with just a high school diploma. With a comparatively measly investment with me, she and her parents hit the jackpot!

Both of these stories are best case scenarios, but they’re hardly out of reach for any student. Whether your son or daughter is the first to go to college in the family and you’re unfamiliar with the confusing process, or you’re a successful doctor and lawyer who doesn’t want to spend the dozens of extra hours to serve as an uninformed admissions adviser, I offer various packages that ensure college success. Here, unlike playing the lottery or investing in the stock market, the odds are always in your favor. And, the payoffs can be just as good.
Don't delay in contacting me. Each day, thousands of scholarships close off to future applicants. The pool of money dwindles every day.



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