What to do when I break my foot? I don't give up.

I broke my foot two days ago and I am now going to Doctors, propping my feet up, hurting, using crutches, having difficulties sleeping, etc.  What should I do?
I did an online tutoring session with one of my students yesterday.  It was the night before her semester exam and she asked for my help studying.  Neither of us could drive, but we accomplished our task to review (and relearn) the math skills that would be on the test.
To all my students past and present, don't give up. 


Awesome!  That's dedication.
My current students are AWESOME!  Two have switched to online; one more is now coming to my house.
For one student, it will be her last lesson, studying for her semester exam.  I just couldn't let her down.
I just found out that I must wear a "cast" boot for 3 months and have been told by my Dr. that I won't be able to drive during that time!  I am not taking new students.  WyzAnt allows me to remove my profile without affecting current records.  Thanks, WyzAnt.  
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