Boy o Boy.....

It has been an extremely busy several weeks.
My Guitar book is out in print & ebook form. It is doing very well and has now received endorsements from the guitarist on American Idol and The Voice. It has also been reviewed by a number of Nashville recording session musicians and is getting great response.
I did quite a lot of arranging in Nov. & Dec. including pieces for orchestra & choir (premiered in Houston), string arrangements for Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area and also McKinney Memorial Church where my "Little Drummer Boy" arrangement was very successful for concerts. I also performed with the McKinney ensembles.
Another recent development has been my playing (guitar, co-directing and arranging for the Joshua Experience Big Band. I did a big band version of my song "Moonlit" that they played last Sunday and it went very well. The same arrangement was purchased by a college in Il. for a jazz series concert in Feb. 2014 with guest sax player Mark Colby. It will also be rehearsed this coming Tues. by Jay Mason who plays Bari sax with the Gordon Godwin band (Grammy nominee).
My most releases, "Texas" featuring Sam Levine (sax: Nashville) also continues to do well.


Ric F.

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