Is Online (Internet) tutoring the right solution for you?

First, let me agree that online tutoring can be much more difficult to do well than in-person tutoring. To tutor online a tutor must have much more skill in evaluating students, and more skill in presenting the material. In addition, in comparison with in-person tutoring, online tutoring takes considerably more time.  I will deal with these factors in the discussion below.

There are several factors to consider in deciding to use an online tutoring solution.

1. Does the tutor's communication solution work for you?
Does the tutor offer you a free session so that you can evaluate the tutor's skill over the internet? Even if your prospective tutor is very experienced in the internet medium, his/her solution may not be appropriate for you and you need to know before you make a commitment. Perhaps you don't have the right equipment or you are behind an internet firewall that prevents the tutor from communicating effectively with you.

2. How well does the tutor explain the subject over the internet?
Even with the best communication tools, some tutors will be very good at presenting explanations online, and some will be very bad at it. For a test session, you should pick some topic that you have had problems understanding in the past. Also, bring a friend or parent to the test session to get a separate opinion.

3. How does the internet tutoring rate compare with in-person tutoring rates in general?
There are at least two people involved in a tutoring session. The tutor's time is valuable, but so is your own time. In my experience, online tutoring takes at least twice as much time for the same material. In addition, a tutor saves money on gas and time by not having to drive to your home. In my opinion, your tutor's online rate should in general be 50% or less than the tutor's in-person rate.

Online tutoring can work well and it can save you a lot of money; in addition the solution allows you to select from a much larger pool of tutors all over the world.  However this solution needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. You wouldn't buy your clothes online unless the merchant offered you a generous return policy so that you don't lose money if the solution doesn't work, and you should not expect less from an online tutor.


Thanks for sharing this info. This is really a great post.
The answer yes. Online tutoring is the best solution for student who prefer not to travel and wants to be flexible. Student can login to their account anytime anywhere and connect with tutor anytime. There are several other online tutoring companies such as and who also offer online tutoring to students. Wyzant is great offering such a great solution.
Yes . Online tutoring serves the best services. As we all know that it is one of the best solution that can be provided to students.And now there are many providers of online tutoring  where you can come and join the site and get free classes without paying a single penny. Just it takes few minutes to register and you can book your teacher as per you desired.Sites such as offered a trail class also.
I have just begun to do online tutoring after tutoring with WyzAnt in-person for quite a while. I enjoyed your blog entry above. I recognized the rate differential need a few weeks ago. My online rate is only $19 per hour vs. $32 per hour for in-person tutoring. Both of these are low, since I am a fairly new tutor with only about 47 hours total so far.
By having students send material they want to cover in advance, it has allowed me to work problems at my leisure, and present them very efficiently. That should appear very impressive to the student. I am not thrilled about WyzAnt's online whiteboard, since I do Chemistry and Math. A lot of time is wasted by pushing WyzAnt's whiteboard command buttons and typing.
However, a tutor could prepare the solutions to the problems on separate whiteboard pages before beginning the session. This would allow for explanation and assuring the student understands the solutions fully, i.e., the method used by Certified Teachers in our schools. Preparation of solutions pages involves some time worked off the clock, but it beats the time spend in traveling to tutor in-person.
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