It's That Time Again!

Make your New Year's Resolution to increase your study habits.  That might include a qualified tutor who can help you get through the land mines of unfamiliar territory.  I taught accounting for 22 years at college level and would be glad to work with you during the spring semester.  My specialties are the first two accounting courses, managerial accounting, and cost accounting. 
My goal is to recruit students who truly want to learn the subject matter, then to assist those students in achieving the highest possible grade in the class. 
Please be a serious student; some have expected me to do their homework for them, but that is not what an outstanding tutor does.  I will help you walk through difficult problems and reach their solutions.  I will help you navigate but I won't drive the bus. 
I enjoy working with community college students and four year school students.  My rates are reasonable and achievable. 
If you are interested in establishing a small group (maximum of five students) we can work out a special rate for those sessions.
You know how to find me....right here on WyzAnt! 
Let's get together and improve your GPA!
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