Good to Great, Developing Leadership Skills and Success Thinking

     Imagine eating ice cream on a warm sunny day. Not just any ice cream, but your favorite pick

from the ice cream truck. You've just spent the afternoon, running and playing with the

neighborhood kids, sitting in the backyard sharing a sweet treat among friends. Sounds good,

right? Many of us have similar memories, and a summer afternoon, relaxing in the sun is a

good way to spend the day.

     Imagine this time, being at your favorite amusement park with all your closest family and

friends. Hopping between roller coaster rides, ferris wheels, and shrieks of excitement racing

in the speed of the wind. You laugh, share hi-fives, and turn to see a tall, decadent ice cream

parlor with blinking lights filled with not just ice cream but custard, homemade and fresh with

every imaginable topping and flavor. You race to the counter, find no one in line, and the

limitless toppings of your self-made creation is free of charge. You sit down in the sun on a

picnic blanket near the coast, capture the warmth of the moment with your favorite people,

and take in a day to be remembered. A day that will stand out as one of the greatest

childhood memories you have ever had.

     Many of our days are spent in good moments, yet I wonder how many of those days can be the

sort of day that if we had the ability to control the choice of events, will we choose a day from

good to great? It may not be feasible for us to be able to take our favorite people in the world

to the best amusement park and enjoy homemade custard while watching the waves roll in.

However, if we can escape good for great in planning for our futures, having choice in our

decisions that lead to great, then spending the day at the amusement park instead of playing

outside may be a more fulfilling and memorable experience.

     In developing great leadership skills and success thinking in our students, we need to begin with

how he/she thinks. It seems to be a basic and obvious skill, one that each individual has control

over, yet it can be the most difficult to manage as we work through our days. Success begins

in the mind, in self-perception, and positive beliefs that guide a person through the choices

they make throughout the day. Belief is powerful and a force that should not be

underestimated. It is belief that will control the wheel of thought, turning toward a positive or

negative direction.

     For students, what he/she believes about his/her ability to be successful in school will direct

their path along the academic highway. Helping students to practice success thinking is the

important first step in guiding your student along this road. There are several steps to follow,

but beginning with belief will lead your student to the commencement of developing

success skills.

     Here are some helpful morsels to help you guide your student's thinking from their favorite,

prepackaged ice cream to the homemade, limitless custard creation:

1) Choose to think a successful outcome verses a failing outcome. Tell yourself and envision

you can win, instead of letting worries portray a vision of failure.

2) Remind yourself you are better and more capable than you begin to give yourself credit for

in working through challenges. You have gifts, talents, and a purpose. Enjoy the journey to

find and develop them!

3) Never limit the possibilities of positive pursuit. Remove the outer bubble of what you think you

might accomplish to a limitless atmosphere of possibilities. Believing you can reach your

dreams is the necessary first step in walking the road of success and leadership.

Remembering to dream big, even if it may seem an impossibility.

4) Remove the cancer of excuses. Excuses direct the journey to a negative destination. Identify and

remove all excuses and fill the new space with reasons why you can accomplish your goals.

5) Start building your confidence by conquering your fears. Identify what your fear is with

school and succeeding in it. Then, create manageable goals and steps that give you a

consistent taste of success. Remember, you are capable of more than what you give yourself


6) The power of grace. Remember, you may not accomplish the goal right away as you begin

to imagine it. Give yourself grace and keep going. It is not the end of the destination that

teaches us to grow, but the journey between that awakens us to the fulfilling

accomplishments of good to great. You can reach your goals, keep trying, keep believing, and

make your custard creation one of the greatest experiences you have yet to have. Go for it

and turn your good to Great!

For more information on developing leadership and success skills in you or your student,

please contact me by e-mail through WyzAnt and begin your journey from good to Great!


Jennifer S.

Tutoring for Success, Academic and Leadership

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