Tutoring That Works

 I recognize that students learn differently–so there is no one- size-fits-all approach.  I customize my services to meet the individual needs of each of our students, assessing their strengths and weaknesses and providing relevant support.  In addition to tutoring, I confer directly with parents/guardians on a regular basis and contact teachers about the progress of my students to customize my lessons based feedback I receive.
Three Reasons to choose a best fit service
1.  Best tutors (I) have the ability to make learning material to be understood by their students in a way they conceptualized during academic years. Best tutors are NOT always top academic performer! It is very similar to top athletes are not good coaches. Psychologically speaking, best tutors have the intuition for students they coach or mentor they experienced earlier by themselves or by their children.
2.  Best tutors (I) provide a nourishing and warm environment where students feel invited to learn.  They subscribe to the philosophy that the best learning takes place where the three major aspects of learning are addressed: the  emotional (connecting with a tutor), the social (interacting with and observing others who are learning) and the cognitive (problem solving with tutors and one another). 

3. Best tutors are active school teacher with years of experience working with teenagers and parents and as a tutor administrator understands how schools work with process of learning. Whether it’s learning how to advocate for a student in an overwhelming school environment or negotiating about studying and privileges at home, they can customize lesson to help families successfully face the challenges of education.


Shalini S.

Effective Math Tutor specializing in Algebra 1 and Geometry

100+ hours
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