3 best ways to keep your brain sharp over winter break

1.  Turn off the electronic devices - I would post links here that point to studies that support this, but is there really any need?  Every time you're tempted to just veg in front of the TV, read a book instead.  It's so easy to just read a book in a similar genre of what you were going to watch on tv.  
2.  Eat healthy - More links could be posted on here, but I think this is also a given.  Eat lots of healthy fats from cold-pressed nut/seed/fruit oils and organic/pastured animals fats.  Be sure to watch your macronutrient ratios too!  Protein should generally account for 15-30% of your calories, fats at least 40%, and carbs as needed.
3.  Exercise - Even if you have to stay indoors to exercise, it's still worth it.  Remember to exercise a variety of muscles on all parts of your body.  Isolating one or two muscle groups can over-stress those muscles and result in injuries.


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