Favorite Cross-Categorical Resources, Gr K-12

Here are some of my favorite resources that cover multiple subject areas in a single resource. Check back again soon, this list is always growing! I also recommend school textbooks, your local library, and used bookstores.
(All grades) - homework help from real tutors and teachers

(All grades) - lessons and tutorials from real tutors and teachers

(Varies) – Formulas, practice, and basic information for chapter reviews or previews.

(PreK-8, 12) – Math, Language Arts, Science, Health and History games, + SAT vocab flash cards

(K-8) – Flashcards, practice lessons, and general guidance in all core subjects

(K-6) – Online textbook-based lessons and practice for elementary school students- a GREAT resource if you’ve left your textbook at school or if you need more worksheets to practice with!

(K-12) – Directory of educational app’s for your phone, tablet, or other mobile device, sorted by teaching method.

(Gr 1-6) – Games, online books, and other fun tools to help reinforce math, grammar, reading, etc. Best for review and reinforcement.

(Gr 6-12) – This site offers hundreds of free documentaries on a variety of topics. Great for review and test preparation! Requires a high-speed internet connection. Note: a FEW of the subjects covered on this site are NOT appropriate for younger children, like certain documentaries within the field of psychology. While the content itself is not necessarily explicit, I highly recommend parental supervision. Only YOU know what is best for your child. This site is geared more toward adults audiences, which makes it more relevant for high school students in more advanced (specific) classes, like US History, Government, Oceanography, Biology, etc.
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