Favorite Math Resources, K-12 + GED

Here are some of my favorite Math resources. Check back again soon, this list is always growing! I also recommend school textbooks, your local library, and used bookstores.

As a note, college-level math textbooks are often helpful for high school math students. Why is that? Isn't that a little counter-intuitive? Yes, it would appear that way! However, many college-level math textbooks are written with the idea that many college students may not have taken a math class in a year or more, so they are written with more detailed explanations. This can be particularly helpful for high school students taking Algebra, Geometry, and Trig. I have a collection of college-level math books that I purchased at a local used bookstore. The most expensive used math book I own cost $26 used. Books that focus on standardized test prep (such as the SAT, AP, or GED prep) can be helpful for all core subjects, as they summarize key ideas more succinctly than 'normal' textbooks. These are GREAT for test review and studying as a supplemental text, whethre you're studying for that standardized test or not.

(K-12) – All math subjects, with video tutorials and practice problems (plus answers!)

(K-Algebra\Geom.) – Fun math tutorials and games to help reinforce what you’ve learned!

(K-Geometry) – Number Value (K/Gr. 1) to Geometry

(K-Geometry) – Explanations, practice problems (with answers), and more!

(Gr. 2+) iPhone app – Math Help – Division, multiplication, division with remainders

(Algebra) Purple – All things Algebra, with detailed explanations and (a few) practice problems.

(Gr. 9-12) iPhone/Droid app- GED Math Lite – All high school math topics, with quizzes and answer explanations.

(Gr 3-12) - Not sure how to convert kilometers to meters? Gallons to quarts? Give this site a try!


These are great resources. You could also add to the list Test Prep Toolkit, a GED study and review website that offers free online practice tests, GED online classes and useful blog articles. Various GED test prep methods can be combined with one-on-one tutoring, including enrolling in an online study program. It can be for free, too. Books from the bookstore or your local library can be just as fun when combined with online test prepping!
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