PPSS: Post Partum Statistics Stress: What to expect the first week

Statistics Class is one of those oddball math classes because it is one of the first university level math class that a student will take. See most students coming into statistics have gotten into the 
1. Attendance
2. Speech
3. Syllabus
4. Done
Stats does not necesserily act like that because stats is more labor intensive the first week. Most of the information though is only required on the first test but is necessary for the rest of the semester. For instance Statistics is the math where students COLLECT, ORGANIZE, ANALYZE AND SUMMARIZE large amounts of data. 
If students studied that definition just for a second, they know what the rest of the semester is going to bring them, but we will continue that in a different posting. 
First important thing to notice is the title of my blog. PPSS
This is probably the most important item you need for class because it is arranged to help with the first test.
A population variable is defined as a parameter: PP
A sample variable is defined as a statistic: SS
Finally you also get to learn the difference between a quantitative and qualitative variable. 
I got news folks, the definitions are in the name

Quantitative: defined by values you can add, subtract, multiply, divide and manipulate in a way to change its value
QUALITATIVE: defined by values that categorizes such as zip code, colors, shoe size etc.
Once you get this section down you should be ready for the first week. There is more attached to the last set of definitions but we will discuss that more in break downs for a variable. 


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