3 Best ways to keep your brain sharp over Winter Break

Winter break is  approaching and  I am sure most students and teachers are more than ready to rest,  to relax and to rejuvenate. But how do you do that and keep your brain sharp and ready for when your return to school? The answer is very simple . Do something interesting  and fun that requires you to read ,to  write or to learn something new.   Whether you read that book you have been putting off,  keep a journal everyday , take a trip to Mexico and practice your spanish, play Words with Friends on Facebook  or Zumba.  Just make sure you do something . The old saying , " If you don't use it, you will lose it ." Is so  true. So what are my  tips for keeping your brain sharp ? Do something exciting  or fun that requires you to read, to write or to learn something new. P.S. this applies to summer breaks too!


Thank you Shelisha,
When my kids were younger their teachers gave them winter break homework packets to work on so they wouldn't forget too much of what they were learning. With a combination of modern technology and talking to my kids. I sort of know what they are going over in their classes. My husband and I like to plan outings that help them remember what they are learning in school. The kids are old enough now they throw in their own idea's of places they want to see. What lessons they enjoy and don't enjoy.
Yes, a fun outing is always great!
@Maxine that is great! It is so important to make the textbook applicable to real life and you talk to them about school.Bravo! Most parents conversation is limited to did you do your homework. Great parenting!


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