The Math Section of the SAT

I thought I'd share a helpful tip for the Math Section of the SAT.  This tip alone will not only save you time on the test, but also improve your accuracy.  The answers choices in the Math Section of the SAT are usually in ascending or descending order.  Use this to your advantage! 
Begin with the answer choice "C" each time.  Once you solve the problem with this answer choice, you can see if the resulting answer is too high or too low.  After this is noted, cross off either the two, too low or too high answer choices either below or above the answer choice of C.  I hope this helps!  If you need additional help, I will be very glad to help you through the ACT/SAT test taking process!


This is good advice! Another tip I often use is to have students do the last digit calculation to eliminate possibilities. Often the answers provided will have different terminal numerals and you can use this to their advantage. A simple example: Sarah can buy 3 apples for $1.44. How much would 9 apples cost? 9 apples would be 3 sets of 3, so I ask what is 3x4? The answer should end with a "2", any other answer would be wrong (in this case some distractors would likely end with a 6).
Thank you for the comment, Michael! This is an excellent tip that you have offered.  Thanks again!
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