Winter BreakTips

Getting too wrapped up in the holidays is a way not to keep your brain sharp.  Today we tend to make the period from Hallowe'en through New Years one long holiday.  Of course, we have a holiday spirit in this time period, but we, as students, should also recognize that there will be some free time during this holiday time and that we ought to utilize some of that free time to study a subject that we might not have done so well in, or to study something in anticipation of a subject we will be taking soon.  Take a bit of quiet study time to build your mental structure by reading or studying or working some math problems. Everything you learn and take as part of your mental structure will help you both now and in the future.   Delve into a topic that you find interesting and learn more about it.  Become an expert in that subject.  Read a book over the holidays.  Challenge yourself to do that. Become active as an intellectual rather than a spectator in life.  Take control of your learning and of your time, especially your holiday time!


Judy L.

Education Specialist, Patient and Knowledgeable

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