Keeping Your Brains Over Winter Break

Let's face it, no one is really going to study everything they learned from September to the begining of winter break. You'll stuff your face with a lot of food and enjoy your gifts, but once school starts again you'll feel as if you've been out of school for 2 years instead of two weeks. That is why I have developed 3 ways for students to retain information during winter break.

1. Look Over Past Tests

Your previous tests and quizes are merely summaries of everything you've learned in a certain amount of time. If you take at least 5-10 mintues everyday to look over your tests and quizzes, you'll be able to remember all that you learned in school. That way when school comes back around it'll be as if you never forgot anything.

2. Read, Read, Read

Reading is a great way to exercise your mind. Not only does your brain get a workout but your vocabulary will expand as well. You'll learn new words and gain some knowledge of their meanings. If you don't favor books too much there's also magazines, blogs, letters, or comics.

3. Watch Documentaries

Documentaries are a fun way to learn new things. Not only do you get to see new things but you have the chance to virtually travel to places you've only dreamed about. Most documentaries are filled with facts and statistics that'll help you learn something you never knew before.

Yes, winter break can be fun but make sure not to forget everything you learn in school as well. But if you follow these steps  and stick to a routine, you'll feel as if you never left school ofr two weeks.


Aida A.

Fun Tutor for grades K-8

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