Winter 2015

As "winter" chugs along, you may be wondering what to do about those projects you didn't have time for, and getting a little tutoring for those academic subjects you're struggling with.  I'm available, particularly for those folks on the east-side of the Willamette.   Would love to help you get that paper written, improve your study skills, organize your work, interpret your teachers' feedback on returned assignments, or any other task you've been putting off for a "when I get to it" time.  Call me, Portlanders....operators are standing by!


Spring 2015
We are nearing the end of the current school year, and parents may be seeing that their students need to "shore up" their students in math, reading, writing, and organizational skills to be ready for the next school year.   Summer months are a great time to balance physical activities and hobbies with academic tutoring, which can be fun in the hands of a skilled tutor.  Many students lose ground in mathematical thinking skills over the summer, and I'd love to help your child build confidence as well as understanding in a variety of subject areas.   Contact me for a free interview in June; help is on the way!


Thea H.

Teaching with Knowledge, Compassion and Persistence

200+ hours
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