Questions from Your Tutor......?!!? Questions for your Tutor.

You'd think that, "If I'm paying for tutoring, he should be answering MY questions. Not the other way around."
While I can sympathize with the general sentiment, I'd say,"you're way off base there!"
I think that the tutor/teacher/coach should never ask the student directly,"Do you understand __________ ?" Not knowing the subject matter, how would the student know/evaluate/determine if they understood or not ? Generally they can't, that's why the need a tutor. Rather than ask about specific content, directly, I ask questions to determine if the student understands the material and how the pieces fit together. Sometimes that's five or six questions.
Here's my general GAME PLAN: Find out where they are. Tell them, show them, then see what they heard and saw.
When your tutor's asking you questions, he/she is probably working the same kind of plan. You can help them help you by always providing the syllabus for your class, with some graded tests and homeworks, and playing along when they start asking you questions. When he/she ask you questions, your tutor is probing the depth of your understanding. They need to do that to be able to help you.


Jeffrey J.

Real World Engineering Coach - Project and Research Topic Advisor

50+ hours
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