Introducing The Tap Dancing Engineer

Hi! Tap Dancing Engineer here.
I've decided to start a blog about the silly (and interesting) math and science things I do in my every day life. This is a fun a way for me to show how math and science can be applied to our lives outside of the classroom.
I've got a few ideas to get me started and I'll try to do this weekly, but no promises. I do a lot of nerdy math/science things in my life, but I'm really not sure how frequently as I've never documented them before. So, lets just see how this goes and we'll adjust as needed (just like science!) 
Here's a teaser of whats coming:
 - Does my head smell?
 - 3D Tetris
 - Tap = Math (this may become a series of posts)
I hope you all enjoy it. First actual post coming soon. Let me know what you think of it. 
- Tap Dancing Engineer


Andrea T.

Tap Dancing Engineer for Hire

20+ hours
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